Irish Am I

by Dave Boylan

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An ode to family and Irish heritage.

Check out the video here -


i know you been asking 'bout where you come from
when we're driving to school, the questions they come
and as this 3/4 commands me towards a sweet lullaby
they said "dad. just how irish am i?

i said i hope you aint thinking 'bout sippin' a beer
cause there's more to this thing than green clovers and cheer
like the way that a grown man can feel deep inside
when he hears Dad just how irish am i

but now you're dreaming of green fields
and castles of sand
and those farmers in dark pubs
singing songs hand in hand
know your grandfather's grinning as pleased as can be
as i tell you how irish are we

well we fight like the devil and love even worse
we hold grudges forever, every other word is a curse
but we'd give our last nickel to see you smiling this wide
as i tell you how irish am i

and we never grow up and we stand a bit proud
we get burned by the sun
and we sing much too loud
but we stare into sunsets with tears in our eyes
singing baby how irish am i

and when i look in your eye i see nothing but blue
and an inkling of mischief
maybe some sadness too
so when you're stumbling someday and you can't even try
just start singing how irish am i


Written by Dave Boylan. Engineered and Produced by Steve Devita. Drums by Nick Fiore.



all rights reserved


Dave Boylan Boulder, Colorado

Thanks for visiting us online. Managing songs is like herding cats...old revisions, new revisions, added a solo here, a backing vocal there, blah blah blah. Hoping to update this as we finish the songs...always a few in progress. Look for some country'ish stuff over the next few months. Yee-Haw.

(DBB photos courtesy Gary Kirchner)
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