Slave (Full CD)

by Dave Boylan

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released February 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Dave Boylan Boulder, Colorado

Thanks for visiting us online. Managing songs is like herding cats...old revisions, new revisions, added a solo here, a backing vocal there, blah blah blah. Hoping to update this as we finish the songs...always a few in progress. Look for some country'ish stuff over the next few months. Yee-Haw.

(DBB photos courtesy Gary Kirchner)
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Track Name: Slave
I sit beside myself,
and when she talks to us
we wish were someone else
you see the lions come each night
when you're away
and I'm feeling worn and thin,
but I carry on
through thick colors and intentions wider than my grin
but I'm still missing your cool come-ons

i feel outdated 'cuz you've been wading
through the corners of my brain
I'm missing pieces of your sweetness
and thinking you should climb my walls again

so give me one more chance to be your slave

do you remember yesterday?
I sat dog tired, curbside wired,
trying to take your breath away
but you're still breathing...
you could've had it all you know
shag carpet, dirty dishes, Keith Richards on your radio
but you spent your last wishes on french kisses instead

you don't feel nothing' unless i'm suffering',
how I cursed your voodoo pins
your video is streaming and you start screaming,
i'm thinking you could trash my car again.

so give me one more chance to be your slave

take it down, take it slow, I take it back baby, please don't go...
Track Name: Lucky Shoes
i've already answered too many questions
thank God i've nothing left to say
no clever words to slip inside you
we never talked much anyway
whoever told you to stop growing
just loved that child in the storm
and when you finally learned to ride on two wheels
i'd already crashed and burned, and been re-born
lucky shoes walk away

and it wouldn't hurt you much to workout
run a spin wheel in a cage
and i could read you old love letters
that you could shred, and decorate the place
lucky shoes walk away

so you're pretty cool and stunning today
but i'm pretty sure you're still running away
lucky day

and i'll get sad if you get lonely
and i might call just like you said
but today i can't stop smiling
'cause I've played this song
'til my fingers bled
lucky shoes walk away
Track Name: Twistin' in the Wind
I've seen you cold, I've seen you out in cotton dresses
you like the big crowds, cold and faceless
but there's still bruises on your shins
and it still feels warm enough to do hand-stands on your fences
and if I can be that child one last time
maybe you'll learn to laugh again

I'll be your whipping boy, starve for your attention
I'll drink that rusty rain, and take one more on the chin
but I won't watch you
twistin' in the wind

I've heard tales that they still come,
they bring you gifts and you dismiss them
and I'm guessing you've found nothing there
to fill your songs up in the end
but the ones you wrote me once sent tremors through my senses
but I guess it's all those dirty words, that just lost me in the end.

and I'll be your whipping boy
hand out your addictions
yeah and we can roll around,
come on baby, take some on the chin
I use to love to watch you
twistin' in the wind

just play those three chords through next week
and I swear I'll listen
it's all about those echos and crescendos
and your jokes that no one gets
and the odds are pretty good
that I'll die before i kiss you
and there's little chance they'll ever find my hands
buried deep beneath your dress

but I'll watch your little boys,
you know they're starved for your attention
and I'll drink that rusty rain,
hope it knocks me out again
'cuz I just can't stand to watch you
twistin' in the wind
Track Name: Fistful of Wine
i've seen nights that just burned on forever
i've seen crimson red sunsets burning my eyes
i've seen dark stars and angels
your wishing-well filled with my nickels and dimes
i've seen lovers that roll with a fever
their bodies so desperate, hearts desperately blind
and I've seen you, and i've loved you forever
i've seen glimpses that still mess with my peace of mind
so i say damn it i'd give it all for a fistful of wine

from the moment we held up our glasses in toast
i fill your bedroom with roses your memory with ghosts
but i miss worrying that somebody else holds your heart
i miss dying each time the tides pulled us apart
seen a summer of color, a springtime of madness,
the autumn leaves fall on a winter of lies
i've seen you and me struggling just keepin' our chins up
'cuz sometimes there aint enough blue in the sky
so i say damn it i'd give it all for a fistful of wine

you put a pit in my stomach, a lump in my throat
you make me wanna scream out the words
to song i aint even wrote yet
and only one thing's for certain
I'm dying...I am dying for you

She covers here ears each time that bridge comes along
as if i'll do something crazy, but she's got it all wrong
I'm still searching for something to help pass the time
between when God made the heavens
and her heart becomes mine
so i say damn it i'd give it al for a fistful of wine